International speaker, teacher and missiologist, Martin Goldsmith is a Jewish Christian who trained as a Russian interpreter. He and his wife Elizabeth spent ten years as missionaries in South East Asia, and were involved from the start with All Nations Christian College.

Martin Goldsmith trained in the Royal Navy as a Russian interpreter and has done studies in Russian Political Thought. After his studies at Oxford University he did theology in Bristol and then served for ten years with OMF in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Thailand. With Elizabeth they then had 24 years on the staff of All Nations Christian College and also developed a wide speaking, teaching and preaching ministry both around Britain and in many countries in all continents. Martin and Elizabeth are open to invitations both in UK and overseas.
Elizabeth was born in China, was in a Japanese prison camp during the second World War, did Household Science at London University and then with Martin had ten years working with OMF, taught at All Nations Christian College and is now a Lay Minister in the Anglican church. She shares in Martin’s speaking ministry.
Both Elizabeth and Martin have written several books.

35 thoughts on “About

  1. Lovely to see you here, congratulations! I hope you find it brings you a whole new dimension to your ministry.

  2. Aldo Finetti

    God Bless you for your example Sir, may God multiply his Grace, Favor and Peace over you.

  3. Graham Orr

    Great to see you here, may God bless you richly over Christmas

  4. Hi Martin & Elizabeth
    So pleased to read about you on this page.
    I’m Yee Lin Chan from Kluang and now residing in Brisbane, Australia. Met you at the Kluang Presbyterian Church in the 60’s. Was very much blessed by you.
    Do you remember me? Please email me – linteo1@gmail.com
    We have started a group “Kluang Friends” on Facebook where we post our photos of Kluang friends as well as activities in the Kluang church of yester years.
    Do keep in touch.
    Yee Lin

  5. How nice to see you on this =) Trust you are keeping well. Much love and prayers from us in Kota Kinabalu. Michael & Elizabeth Aggie

  6. richardsh

    HI. Martin. Richard and Monica is with me now. He will be sharing shortly in my church. Hope to catch up with you soon. Maybe in December 2014 when I will be in UK. Do drop by in Ipoh if you happen to come to Malaysia. God bless you. Dr Tai, Ipoh

  7. Daesuk

    How lovely to see you, Lord is gracious and good to us all whom deserves all the glory! Thank you for all your hard work. Lots of love. Daesuk

  8. andrea klopper

    Great to see your smiling faces on my screen here in Tianjin!! You are an inspiration.

  9. Martin,

    Great to see your still well. I think often of our time together in Moscow in 2001 helping the beleivers from the Cacasus area and when you came to speak at Wayzata Free Church. Amy and I are in Florida now. I still think often of your words to us that we must ask “What makes Jesus Good News?”

    We are teaching youth at 1st Presb. Church of Lake Placid, FL. Love to hear from you.



  10. taojing

    Hi! Doctor Goldsmith and Elizabeth,I am TaoJing (you can call me Lydia too) from LanZhou China. I am so grateful to see you and know you and your ministries more here,although it is not so easy to connect this website at first in china.
    as your age I should treat you as my grandfather and grandmother,which is kind of respectful in Chinese culture to elder people, maybe it is different in western culture.
    I feel so fortunated to read the book you bring to us “tell us a story” by John & Edith Bell in English, I think this book is a precious material about china and Gansu church history written by missionaries who lived and worked at that time and the places,to be honest, I red it for very long time for the unfamiliar new words and my low level English. But it really made me know many real history and give me examples and encouragement .
    We are so thankful for your visiting china church, especially in Gansu Lanzhou,TianShui and other places in your high ages(respect to elder people too),and you always bring challenges and inspirations to us which are so helpful, our coworkers are so interested about your lecture topic, they want to know more,so thank you very much.

  11. Richard Broadhurst

    Dear Martin, I have just got a copy of your highly recommended book ‘Beyond beards & burqas’ – God bless you.
    Richard Broadhurst

  12. Wirot Khwantong

    Dear Martin,
    How nice to see you on facebook. I am so glad to be in touch with you if you don’t mind. I still remember my good time at ANCC with you and your wife.
    May the Lord bless you and your ministry.



  13. Lydia Gladstone

    We are on our way to visit friends in Greenport, on eastern LI. Symphony Space/XM is on and suddenly, so were you, which reminded me to try to contact you. I recently read your book ‘The Inextinguishable Symphony’. My mother also escaped Germany in 1940 with her mother. Ironically, the Hitler-Stalin non-aggression pact made it possible to leave via the eastern route. That’s a story also being written by an author friend of ours. But when I read your book, there were ‘connections’. My great-grandmother was Goldschmidt like your family AND my grandparents lived in Düsseldorf, where my mother was born. They then moved to Frankfurt-am-Main. It may just be coincidence, but then again, perhaps not. Thank you for reading this.


    Dear Martin and Elizabeth

    I finished reading the 6 books purchased, written by both yourself and Elizabeth, at the recent Stewards Fellowship week-end about three weeks ago. Such an inspiration and so full of testimony for learning, covering your joint experiences and in different religions/cultures. Insights shared will be such a help for forward relationships, sharing and witness. All our thanks for the hard work you have both undertaken to provide the gems for us all. It was great to meet you and to receive all that we did through you at the recent Stewards Fellowship week-end. That and your books, with depth of sharing, historical contexts, and perspectives through generations have provided me with some of the richest, truths and insights to date, covering family too. Now, with your two daughters, as leaders of the Revelation church in Horsham, with your son in law too being a co founder, the blessings are being spread that much further birthing so much more in ways you would not have chosen or imagined. You son will be next in God’s best plan, when circumstances change for him in due time. Thank you for all you are and have given.

    much love, thanks and appreciation from us – Rodney and Judy (Radcliffe)

  15. June Murdock

    Dear Elizabeth & Martin, thank you so much for your beautiful, & very interesting, news letter. My goodness, if you do all this when you are retired, what did you do when you were both working full time. You are an amazing couple, & I am so fortunate to have met you. Love & miss you very much. May the Lord continue to bless you both & give you more strength to do His Will. I will come & see you again one day. The Salvation Army in Ware is very few in number now & I would think it will close in the near future, which is very sad. Hope to keep in touch with you now on my iPad. God bless you both. June xxx

  16. David & Debbie Bryant

    Hello Martyn and Elizabeth

    Apologies for not being in touch. Our yahoo email was hacked and consequently we cannot access your updates. Our new email is addressed provided (similar to previous emal). We have also moved within Frinton-on-Sea (now nearer the beach).Found memories of your visit to the Frinton Mission.

    Hope you are well.

    Warm regards

    David & Debbie Bryant

  17. Anna Bortsova

    Hi, Martin. It is good to see you on this page. I am Anna, your translator in Kazakhstan (unbeliever at that time), and now a missionary in Canada.
    It would be lovely to see each other again

  18. Elizabeth Lochhead (nee Fergusson)

    Been thinking of you so much lately, remembering Packy at All Souls in the 60’s. I met you YEARS ago in Singapore when you must have been at 2 Cluny Rd. I now live in Malta.

  19. Stafford Allen

    finally got to see your blog… and your lovely faces!

  20. Dan Rutherford

    Wow! You both look the same as when I was a student at ANCC 82-84. Blessings and thank you for sharing Christ who is our life with so many of us. – Dan Rutherford – CANADA

  21. Grace Lan

    Thanks for your latest newsletter. Merry Messiahmas and Happy New Year.

  22. Shirley Fraser

    I have found the blog! Blessings Shirley in Edinburgh

  23. Angela Barberton

    Dear Martin and Elizabeth, I was at the meeting on Sunday evening in Dornach Scotland. I am reading the first of your books that I bought. I was looking up the places you had lived in, in Malaysia. The Karo Batak people look amazing and their houses even more amazing. Everything has changed enormously since you first went to that part of the world. Thankfully God’s Word never changes and reaches out to ‘all people that on earth do dwell’. Thank you for coming to encourage our church and we are encouraged. With love from Angela Barberton and daughters Thelma (with OM) and Felicity.

  24. Elvis MANDEH

    Thanks for sharing on these powerful missionaries.Please I wish to have contacts with them.I am interested in having their books.

  25. Hi Martin, can’t believe I have only just found this. Excellent stuff.

  26. Sue Challis

    Hi Martin and Elizabeth, What a glorious encouragement you both are. Trees by the waterside! Retirement? !

  27. Tanusha

    Hello, Mr. Martin. I’m Tanusha from The Bible Church, Singapore. I am glad you are safely back home. Thank you for your teaching and God bless you and your wife, Elizabeth as well as your household.

  28. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people for this topic, however,
    you ssound like you know what you’re talking about!

  29. Tracy Myers

    How wonderful to find you on here, Mr Goldsmith. You spoke at Prairie Bible Institute in 1986, and I still have the notes from your lectures. I was impressed by you obvious closeness with our Lord, and I asked you how you developed that relationship. You told me to go out to the Three Hills, and just spend time with the Lord. Your words have stayed with me all these years. God bless you and your family, and thank you for your insightful words. I’ve never forgotten them.
    Tracy Myers

  30. Sue Challis

    Thanks for bringing refreshment – much needed- once again. Love and God Bless you both from Sue.

  31. Ailsa Barker

    Facilitating Lesson 4 of Friendship First course & there you are! You stayed in our home in Balige in mid 1980s & our driver took you to Karoland. We retired to NZ 3 years ago. Ailsa & Hardi

  32. Blandina

    Wonderful persons! Your words are convincing because you live the love you talk about! Youbare a blessing. Nice to have you as teachers…

  33. Stuart Aitken

    Hi Martin and Elizabeth. My name is Stuart Aitken. You probably don’t remember me from All Nations, but you may remember Janeth Cedeno from Ecuador. We have now been married 25 years, served 13 years in Ecuador and I am now working with Transformations Leeds, something similar to Friends International. We are now working with a lot of Chinese students. Really glad to see that you are still active, involved in All Nations and still writing! God bless you

  34. ismcgta

    Lovely to hear from you today Martin. Some wonderful food for thought. (Johnson)

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