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Colossians 1 – European Messianic Jewish Theology Symposium

Colossians 1 – European Messianic Jewish Theology Symposium

Martin Goldsmith’s address – opening session – European Messianic Jewish Theology Symposium, February 23, 2014 on Colossians 1 – download before playing as file is large

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Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In February 2014 Last month Elizabeth and I were invited to be the speakers for a conference of about 150 people working in China.

Elizabeth led two seminars on “Seeking God’s face through Bible Meditation and Silence” and shared her testimony beautifully before the Bible talks. I gave five Bible expositions on God’s call to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Habakkuk and the first four disciples. It is wonderful how God varies his call to fit our personality and gifting. The feedback forms were most encouraging – people appreciated real Biblical exposition, but also from someone who knew their mission context.

Martin also led one seminar on mission today, We learned a lot because the participants related largely to the Unregistered Churches, whereas we have been mainly in Open CCC Churches. Several Unregistered Church leaders also attended the conference which was exciting. The Church in China now has as many active Christians as America ( probably about 100 million Christians) and is growing enormously. The Open Churches we relate to have all baptised at least 400 new converts this past year – how we long for British churches to begin to grow like that! They are beginning too to gain a vision for mission worldwide – the potential is enormous. If they really get into such international mission, this could change the whole character of the church and mission in all our countries. We shall all have to relate to Chinese understanding of the Bible and theology, Chinese worship and music, leadership styles etc. And of course we shall all enjoy delicious Chinese food, an integral part of true mission!

The conference was held in a beautiful resort centre with a swimming pool, so I enjoyed getting some exercise. Our ample and comfortable bedroom was upstairs with a pleasant balcony overlooking jungle-clad hills. Christian ministry has its luxuries!

As usual in our overseas trips, we met several ex-All Nations students which was an extra delight. We much enjoyed renewed friendship and fellowship with them. We are constantly encouraged to see the significant ministries which our former students are now having all over the world. Their training at All Nations has served them well in preparing them for effective cross-cultural mission. Now we need to pray that future Chinese mission workers will also get really good cross-cultural biblical training before they move out into other countries for Christ.

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