April 2014 – Teaching on Jewish mission in Germany


In April I had the privilege of speaking again for ten days in Germany. This was at the invitation of

Gemeindehilfsbund who arranged for me to be the speaker for two weekend conferences they had

organised. The topic was Jewish issues and mission with the emphasis on Romans 11.25/26. The

first conference was held at Bad Gandersheim and I flew to Hannover for that. Then I was asked to

teach at Brake Bible School on the same topic and at Breckerfeld Bible School on the call of Ezekiel.

Following this I was driven down south to the Christian centre at Zavelstein near Stuttgart for the

second weekend conference. It was a real joy and privilege to be speaking to warm-hearted praying

Christians and I much appreciated the friendship and fellowship they gave me. They were strongly

conservative biblically with a strong pre-millennial core to their theology and mission understanding.

I am always rather nervous of my German language before visits to that country, but again it was

exciting to find God loosening the tongue and allowing the language to flow freely. To my surprise

I found also that my German Jewish family background was a definite advantage. Several people I

spoke with suffered from troubled consciences concerning the evils perpetrated by their nation in

the Third Reich. In recent years I have found that the Holocaust is beginning to slip into past history,

so I no longer introduce this topic in my ministry in Germany; but on this visit various people took

the initiative in sharing with me about it. What a wonderful Gospel we have! The good news of total

cleansing from ALL sin through the cross of Jesus and the promise of new life in his resurrection.

In Jewish mission Christians often face the danger of concentrating on taking people on visits to

Israel and on enabling Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel. Germany has experienced a considerable

influx of about 250,000 Russian Jews who now live in the main cities. This presents German

Christians with a challenge to engage in evangelism among these Jewish immigrants. Jews for Jesus,

Chosen People’s Ministry and the German Messianic Fellowships are particularly involved in such

evangelism and witness. It was a privilege to challenge people to support these ministries in their

witness, to pray for them and to give generously.

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