Malaysia Trip November 2015


Elizabeth and I have just returned from three great weeks ministry in Malaysia. We were invited by OMF to speak at the Malaysian 150th celebration conference which was very well attended. Before the conference we flew across to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah to speak at the large SIB church which is led by our friend (and ex-All Nations) Dr. Philip Lyn. I was asked to speak twice on the Sunday; once with Elizabeth on lessons from our lives and once on the church and mission needs of Britain. This large church is feeling God’s call to get involved in mission in Britain as they have become aware of the struggles of the British church in our pluralist and often anti-Christian society. I also had the privilege of teaching and preaching in a couple of churches in Kuala Lumpur, speaking on John’s Gospel in three sessions at one Evangelical Free Church.
In Malaysia it was wonderful to enjoy warm and generous hospitality in various homes, meet up again with many wonderful old friends, revel in a few days holiday in the cool of the Cameron Highlands with lovely jungle walks, greedily enjoying the wonderful Malaysian Chinese food. It was very good to hear of the different ministries our friends are involved in and to catch up on the overall situations of Malaysia – sadly aggressive Islamization, open bribery to become a Muslim, rampant corruption, ethnic divisions and discrimination, a significant brain drain of Chinese and Indians emigrating particularly to Australia. And yet it has to be said that for many of our Christian friends life is extremely pleasant in Malaysia although very busy and hard-working. And the Chinese and Indian churches flourish with brilliant church leaders – for example, the new Archbishop planted some 70 new churches when he was a vicar before he became a bishop. How many British bishops have such a ministry record?! We gathered also that some Muslims are becoming disillusioned with Islam and its consequences in the life of the nation. As a result it seems that more are coming to  faith in the good news of Jesus the Messiah., but this is still very small numbers and highly dangerous as it is totally illegal in a Muslim state with no religious freedom for Muslims to change their religion.
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