Manx Ministry in April


Two fascinating trips occupied our diary for April. Our good friends Graham and Jenny McAll kindly invited us to the Isle of Man for a mixture of holiday and speaking. Jenny is genuinely Manx and Graham is rapidly becoming so. It was a real joy to be in their delightful home and enjoy their warm hospitality. Each day they kindly drove us round the island to see some of the beautiful and spectacular scenery with lots of sea birds and seals.


The daffodils were abundant and lovely too. During the week we spoke several times and on the Sunday Elizabeth preached in a small village Anglican church while I preached in the main Baptist church in Douglas, the capital of the island. Churches on the island suffer the same sort of problems that we face in England, but there are pockets of encouragement, spiritual and evangelistic vitality. We found people enormously warm and open to all we could give them in our teaching and preaching.


The Isle of Man was the first country in the world to have a democratic parliament. It is still independent and self-governing under the sovereignty of the Queen. Its history is impressive, going back to stone age discoveries. The early Manx inhabitants later inter-married with early Celtic invaders and colonisers. Their blood was then mixed with the Vikings who also colonised the island and enjoyed its rich agricultural land and relatively moderate climate. In more recent years Irish, Scots and English people have also mixed with the local people, so cross-cultural communication forms a vital part of the church’s task. We felt that All Nations could play a significant part in training leaders for the island.


Next up – Albanian adventure

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One thought on “Manx Ministry in April

  1. Hello Martin,
    I am writing to say thanks for the message you brought to the Albanian missions conference. I was in attendance, as Albanian has become my home since January this year.

    I also wanted you to pass on a message to your wife please, as I purchased her book ‘God Can be Trusted’ and I finished reading it today. It is of great encouragement to me to read testimonies like this and it is quite uncanny that I seem to have had some very similar experiences as Elizabeth had, even to the point of training in home-science, becoming a teacher and having to learn a new language for an unexpected missionary destination after beginning to learn another.

    I loved reading about your time in Sumatra and although I did not visit the particular place in which you lived, I was there last September, just on holidays from Australia and got as close as Bukit Lawang.

    Anyhow, I feel encouraged by her book and I just wanted to say thank you and bless you both.

    PS – There is no need to publish my comment on your blog, I didn’t know of another way to contact you.
    Should Elizabeth wish to reply, she may do so on, if not, no worries!)


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