Happy New Year!

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Please forgive me that I am not writing a blog on John this week, but would like to share more personally. And I fly to Singapore on the 10th for a fortnight’s teaching and preaching, so I won’t write blogs while I am away – so sorry! Meanwhile I hope you have all enjoyed a really good Christmas and celebrated the New Year, looking back over the past year of the Lord’s gracious care and goodness as well as looking ahead to this new year of his grace and fatherly provision.

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To those of you who have been praying for Elizabeth, thank you so much. Having had a CT scan just before Christmas, Elizabeth saw the consultant on Jan. 4th. We came home afterwards with much praise in our hearts. The haematoma is entirely cleared up on the one side of her head and much reduced on the right side. The consultant expects that it will probably be absorbed on that side too before her next appointment in two months’ time. Elizabeth is steadily regaining strength physically and mentally, although she is still a bit limited and needs to rest quite a lot. Yesterday evening she went to her church home group for the first time since her accident in July and she survived it well. A further sign of real progress.


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I have been invited to Singapore by the church (the Bible Church) which we served as new missionaries back in 1960(!). They have asked for some teaching sessions for their anniversary as well as weekend preaching – they now have three parallel Services to cater for all their people. I shall be staying with a lady who was in my Bible Class back in 1960; we have kept in touch ever since.

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While in Singapore I have also been invited to do some teaching in the large Evangelical Free church with which we have related in more recent years. Covenant EFC has some 6,000 active members and a real passion for overseas mission. They tithe all their income for mission overseas and aim (not yet achieved!) for the day when they will also tithe their membership for mission, sending 600 workers at any one time. Their recently retired missions secretary came to All Nations for study on biblical and cross-cultural mission, and they have adapted our 10-week En Route course for training their workers.
While I am away Elizabeth will have the first and last few days at home on her own, but will have a week or so in the middle staying with our son Andrew and family in Greenwich. They will look after her wonderfully and she looks forward to having more time with their three girls and being Granny.


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