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Get a Grip on Mission (IVP and OMF);
Good News in other Cultures (Interserve and Kitab);
Life’s Tapestry – Martin Goldsmith’s life story (Authentic Media);
Matthew and Mission, the Gospel through Jewish Eyes (Paternoster and Jews for Jesus);
Elizabeth’s books are: Against all Odds – 50 years of mission and the church in Malaysia (Authentic Media);
God can be Trusted – Elizabeth Goldsmith’s life story (Authentic Media);


1. Good News in other Cultures: the cross-cultural task of Christian mission
In our fast-changing globalised world cross-cultural communication is an everyday necessity. When we meet up with our grandchildren we and they have to reach across the generations. When someone from Yorkshire meets someone from southern England cross-cultural communication takes place. In our modern world too we rub shoulders with people from all over the world with very different cultures and religious backgrounds. As Christians therefore we desperately need to learn all we can about cross-cultural communication if our witness is to scratch where people itch and we are to make the Gospel truly relevant good news.


2. One Way? Christian mission in a pluralist world.
Jesus’ unique claim to be the way, the truth and the life (John 14.6) sounds terribly politically incorrect in our pluralist world today. It can sound fearfully arrogant to declare that nobody can come to God the Father except through Jesus! Christians today face the challenge of remaining faithful in the confident message of the unique claims of Jesus Christ as the one true Lord and Saviour for the whole world. And yet at the same time we have to demonstrate truly loving humility and understanding with people who do not yet follow Jesus. “One Way?” touches in an easy-to-read way on this vital topic which I have dealt with more fully in “What about other Faiths?” (Hodder)

These two books are available at £3 (plus postage) from Interserve or Kitab ( They can also be purchased from Martin

also just re-issued


Choosing a job? Considering a marriage? Facing a major decision? This book is packed with good advice that makes sense of the different ways God guides – the Bible, wisdom, circumstances, and inner peace just to name a few. Find out what it takes to get the right guidance and how to make decisions in the will of God.

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Authentic Media (4 May 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1850787360
  • ISBN-13: 978-1850787365

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  1. Dear Rev Martin Goldsmith

    Rev Nora has introduced you to me, would you mind to contact with you?

  2. Elvis MANDEH

    Dear Admin.
    Could you kindly get me in contact with Rev Martin and Elizabeth.I am so interested in their books.I am writing from Africa-Cameroon.My name is Elvis Mandeh.

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