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56th Anniversary of Martin and Elizabeth’s engagement!

4980740.pngHere at last is another blog. I am afraid it has been a while since the last one. But today is the 56th anniversary of our engagement and belonging to each other, so I feel inspired!

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From July 11-15 All Nations held its annual Refresher Course. Elizabeth and I always so appreciate sharing in this course, meeting with a wide variety of people attending. They have been working in very different situations both in Britain and countries around the world. We learn so much from sharing with them. This is also one way in which we can keep more up-to-date with what God is doing around the world.

Elizabeth and I share a teaching session on some of the lessons we have learned from our own mission experience overseas – this is always richly appreciated (and we enjoy it too). Then I do a session on dealing with evil spirits and the occult – a subject I teach each term on the college’s 10-week En Route course. On two afternoons I had seminars for people working with Muslims and on Story Telling – see my books “Beyond Beards and Burqas” and “Storytelling” (both published by IVP).

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We would heartily recommend this course for anyone involved in inter-cultural work. And All Nations is a lovely setting to enjoy a week’s retreat together with good fellowship and teaching. The next short course at All Nations which we are involved with is the December Islamics Course. This is a nine-day intensive course related to mission among Muslims and is very much to be recommended for anyone who is working with Muslims.

Congratulations to Martin and Elizabeth on the 56th anniversary of their engagement!

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